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It's been a long time Bung Tutor did not update the article on this blog, probably because I was busy in the real world. After a long time did not log into blogger.com, apparently blogger has a new interface.

After seeing and learning new blogger interface, Bung Tutor found some interesting things. The first thing is the dynamic template. After doing some testing on a dynamic template blogger, I found a few flaws here. Because the dynamic templates created using javascript then when we turn off javascript in the browser, the dynamic template will not appear. And the loading time is very slow.



Captcha Typing Jobs

Oops !!. This blog has been a long time not updated because I am busy with my job. Ok, without brass tacks let's talk about the captcha typer job.

Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart ) according to wikipedia is a type of challenge-response test used in computing as an attempt to ensure that the response is generated by a human being. Usually used to fill the word verification when you login or register (sing up) online forums or register for a new email.

Why do people have to type the captcha code it? Because each computer and a sophisticated program would be difficult to solve captcha codes with high accuracy.



Download Free PC Games Full Version

Sometimes too long activity in front of the screen makes us bored, what else has reached an acute level. One solution so that you do not experience boredom is to play the game to refresh the already tense nerves and also to relieve stress.

The advantages of this site is to provide a game full version, with so many games on offer around hundreds or maybe thousands (I do not count because too much).

The game consists of several categories:



How to Add Recent Comment Via Script in Blogger/Blogspot

Because previously I've posted about how to add recent post via script. So it's not complete if I did not discuss about how to add recent comments via script.

For those of you who've read my post about how to add recent comments via feed. May ask what is the difference between the recent comment via feeds and script.

To answer this question please read my post about how to add recent post via script. You'll find the answer.

Ok, without much conversation, for those of you want to put recent comments via script, just follow the steps below:



How to add Recent Post Via Script in blogger/blogspot

In previous posts I've discussed on how to add recent posts via feed. Well, in this post I will discuss how to add recent post via script.

What is the difference between the recent post via feed with a recent post via script?

Both this way each has advantages and disadvantages. If a recent post via feed, loading the page is not heavy, but post loading a very long. While recent post via the script, post loading faster, but loading the blog a little longer.

For those of you who give priority to the speed of loading the blog, use a recent post via feed. But if you want new posts more quickly out, then use this way.