Google Translator for Blog

Installing Google Translate Widget (1)  

People admit that being able to speak many languages is a valuable asset. Many people earn their living by depending on their multi-languages widely used in the world. Indeed, with those languages, we can communicate very well with other people in different countries and languages.

So our blog does, its language is very important. Whatever we want to tell to the readers, they won’t understand due to the unknown language. For those who have blogs with multi-countries and languages readers, I have a solution to the problem. A widget from Google can translate the content of our blog into a selected language easily, called Google Translate. With Google Translate Widget, you will not be confused with the language problems; you just need to be more creative to fill your blog with your own language and let “Google translate” translate your contents to other languages.
Google Translate Widget can be found here at: http://translate.google.com .


Readbud Tutorial | Tutorial Readbud

Program for Bloggers are now too many, of PTR, PTC, flipping, until bisnes another. But there is one new program, but has not been issued. Now the share programs recently. The method used is very easy, that we are only asked to give ratings on the articles we read. Simply put, this program is a program that pays every article we read, also called "Get Paid to Read Articles!" in accordance with the motto ReadBud.

To start this program please follow the following rules:

1. Sign on the following link:

Click here to register 


Ping Service

Now I will share about the ping service, which I interpret as an automatic machine that when we click then the machine will index articles from our blog to several search engines, like google, yahoo, and various social bookmarking sites other. So the ping service is an automated tool that serves to spread a web form blog articles to various popular sites around the world who always visited by people.

Before using the ping service, I suggest you should do the ping after writing the latest posts so that search engines know that my friend had the latest content and not too often use the services of ping services because it could be considered spam that might be detrimental to your blog. As the experience of this blog has ever hit the google sandbox so that makes this blog disappear from search engines.