Add Yahoo! Messenger to Blog

Maybe you guys already know how to add yahoo messenger on blogspot, but there is nothing wrong if I write it again on this blog.

Yahoo! messenger is one of yahoo.com service very popular in the world. Then what his relation with blog? some blogger wish to be in his blog attached yahoo ! messenger icon , hence if him online in yahoo! messenger can in knowing by his blog visitor and also can easy to in contacting for chatting. If you ask to me, can yahoo! messenger icon add at blog? the answer is can, and not only that, we can choose icon what is will add. The choice is differentiated in 10 choice, you remain to choose style ID which which is compatible according to your :



How to Make Spoiler in Blogspot (Blogger)

Spoiler is usually used to reduce or shorten the code, post, or any writing not to be too filled pages.

Spoiler can be used in the bloggers, not only in use in the forum. making easy, just copy and paste the code below, then replace the words "YOUR CONTENT" so now the article look cleaner.

Example :

Your Title :

Your Text or Image Link



How to Add Facebook Like Button to Blogger (Blogspot)

Facebook has come up with  a new set of Social plugins which enable you to provide engaging social experiences to your users with just a line of HTML. The Facebook Like Button is One of them. You can see a demo of the like button  on this page. The Facebook like button will allow your readers to quickly share your posts with their Facebook Friends. You can also get to know how many people liked your Blog Post .

1. Go to Layout (Design) > Edit HTML and check “Expand Widget Templates”.
2. Find <data:post.body/> and immediately after it add the following script.

Standard Facebook Like Button

This is a standard button.


9 Facts Wrong About The Platform Blogger (Blogspot)

Below I try to summarize some of the questions that I think is unique and sometimes asked directly to me via email or via a message on Facebook and among the unique questions that go usually also often debated by most users of Blogger. Here I attempt to try to straighten the debate that may have been wrong in my opinion. Remember! I was just trying to straighten not justify

Blogger does not support gzip compression?

Wrong. by default bloggers already support high-level compression technique with gzip, so why should we think to do it, Forget these compression techniques, let the bloggers themselves who do the job. still not convinced? Just check blogger custom domain or blogspot with this tool: Gidnetwork, Digital Coding and Gzip Test.