How to Add Recent Post Via Feeds in Blogger/Blogspot

In my previous post I've ever written about how to add the recent comments on the blog via feed. And this time I will discuss about how to add the recent posts via feed. Almost the same as recent comments, it's just recent post to display the most recent posts on the blog.

By installing Recent posts on the blog so visitors can quickly find out what topics are being discussed in your blog

To install the recent post via feed, almost the same way by placing a recent comment. The difference is in the "Feed Url" content with :



Add Recent Comment via Feed

Recent comment is a function to display the latest comments in real-time on our blog. So if there are visitors who commented on our posts so we can directly know and can instantly respond to. This method is especially useful for blogs that often get comments.

Actually there is another way to know which comments go with the comment notification via email facilities provided by the blogger. But this way is less effective because we must always log into the email to check it out.

If you are interested to put recent comments on your blog, please follow the steps below:


Free Backlink From Site Directory PR5 - PR9

Backlinks are the only elements to increase the pagerank blog. So if you want to increase the page rank of your blog then there is no other way than to find as many backlinks.

Of course PageRank is not solely influenced by the quantity of backlinks, but also the quality of the backlink.

For example, your site gets a backlink from a PR5 site then the result will be better than 10 backlinks from PR3 site and so on.


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How to Create Blinking Text And Link to Blogger

Did you ever see a blinking text like this?

Welcome to my blog

or maybe the link blinks like this?

Bungtutor Blog

And if you are interested to put it on your blog, please follow the tutorial below.

To create blinking text and links is very easy, just add a tag <blink> and </ blink> within the text or links you want to make blink. Done .. For example:


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How to Add the Facebook Comments Box to Blogger (Blogspot)

Comments are an integral method of interacting with visitors in a meaningful way. They are an opportunity to engage in productive conversations and build new relationships. You want to be accessible, but the ever present problem of comment spammers must be dealt with. In order to avoid Anonymous spammers, setting your blog to Registered users is helpful. Unfortunately, a good number of visitors may not have the required account.


15 Things You Get Banned From Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a favorite program is very interesting in getting dollars online, by simply placing contextual ads on your website or blog. One thing is for sure Google realizes this and make very strict rules that you should follow. But the fact that not all people want to read the TOS (rules) are very tight from Google, just a list, be approved and enter directly into the blog ... I hope it's not you

To be adsense publisher, you must obey the rules and regulations established by Google. Many common mistakes are always made by the bloggers in their efforts to generate dollars through GoogleAdsense. Here's 15 things that can make you banned by google adsense