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Hide Blogger Navbar Latest Version

It's been a long time Bung Tutor did not update the article on this blog, probably because I was busy in the real world. After a long time did not log into blogger.com, apparently blogger has a new interface.

After seeing and learning new blogger interface, Bung Tutor found some interesting things. The first thing is the dynamic template. After doing some testing on a dynamic template blogger, I found a few flaws here. Because the dynamic templates created using javascript then when we turn off javascript in the browser, the dynamic template will not appear. And the loading time is very slow.

The second interesting thing is navbar. On this new blogger interface, navbar can be hidden directly from the navbar configuration menu. Not like the old interface, to remove/hide navbar, we have to write css code to the template.

To hide the navbar in blogger new interface follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Blogger account.
2. Click Layout.

menu layout

3. Click edit Navbar

menu navbar

4. In navbar configuration menu choose off.

Navbar Configuration Menu

5. And then click save, and look your blog.

Good Luck and keep the spirit.

Note: for other interesting things that exist in the new blogger interface Bung Tutor will write in the next article.

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